Public speaking

If you think you know or if you think you don’t know, you need to work on the way you are communicating front of an audience. The great speakers are taking a lot of preparation time because they know that a detail in their speech can make the difference. If you want to learn the secrets on how to get a message through to the audience; you need to work on the structure of your message, you need to understand how to imprint the memory of your audience. And you need to work on your presence on stage.

Time and Priority Management

The priority of your priority is to take some time to think about your priorities. Once you have done that you need to adopt the behavior that will help you to give life to them. Therefore you need to take also time to think and look for improving your time management. Managing efficiently your time needs to take a helicopter view in order to review the five parts of your daily life: Your energy and stress management, your selforganization, your priorities, your planning and your team efficiency.

Other topics

  • Developping your ideas

  • Build effective relationship

  • Conflict management

  • Train the trainer

  • Team building

  • Assertivity

  • Chance